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  1. How long have you been growing your hair? Do you have any tips to help grow long hair?

    The truth is, I probably so less with my hair than a lot of people with shorter hair. I’ve been growing it for.. Well.. a few years I suppose!

    I get it trimmed two or three times a year, which keeps it looking healthy. I don’t overbrush it, and I wash it two or three times a week, more if I have been exercising. The best thing I’ve found is a product called Precious Oil by Alfaparf Milano, which smells lovely and very sweet, and both detangles and nourishes hair.

    My best advice is to trim it regularly, don’t heat style it, don’t over wash it and just generally take good care of it. I wish I could help more!

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    me in improv

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    Feel free to use as icons, just credit me please!

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I was bored..


    I was bored..

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Sunako Kirishiki | SHIKI

    Sunako Kirishiki | SHIKI

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